30 Easy Ways Your Business Can Save Money


There are hundreds of ways you can save money in your business in New Zealand. Admittedly not all businesses are the same, but there are methods to reducing costs that are applicable to all businesses. Whether it be employee costs, expenses, advertising or product costs for example there are areas of all business operation where it is possible to look at current expenditure and make savings wherever you are based in New Zealand.

Easy ways your business can save money:

1. Cut traditional advertising in favour of cheaper alternatives. Say goodbye to newspaper advertisements and leaflet drops and say hello to YouTube videos and Instagram!

2. Go Green e.g. buy recycled printer cartridges, choose a duplex printer rather than a single sheet printer to save paper, buy energy saving light bulbs, recycle old printed paper for notes

3. Order your business cards and logo stationery online, it’s usually cheaper than ordering from a print shop

4. Try software for free with trials before investing in the wrong software

5. Buy office furniture and equipment second-hand

6. Upgrade old computers rather than buying new

7. Lease cars, computers and photocopiers

8. Search out a great deal on mobile phones for employees

9. Take out a good insurance policy

10. Hire temporary staff for busy periods rather than paying full-time staff during quieter times

11. Outsource admin jobs rather than having a receptionist

12. Hire an admin assistant and send them dictated work for typing

13. Research the cheapest and most reliable courier and bulk posting options

14. Engage the services of a good accountant

15. Search out the best credit card deal to reduce fees and interest payments

16. Barter with other business, swap services and products to mutual benefit

17. Join a trade or business association to benefit from member discounts on insurance, golf courses, hotels, travel, car rental and more…

18. Seek at least three bids on everything, quote bids to competitors to get them to lower their offer

19. Get sponsors for events

20. Rent shared office space rather than a full-time office

21. Use ‘the cloud’ for storage rather than hardware

22. Do your accounting online to save time and money

23. Cut employee expenses such as free lunches rather than have to cut staff

24. Allow telecommuting, let some or all employees work from home and reduce your office costs

25. Hire smart, inexperienced employees rather than more expensive, experienced staff, give those recent and often enthusiastic graduates a chance

26. Negotiate a reduction in your lease for an extended period

27. Reduce some employees to a shorter work week, you may find this suits some of them

28. Streamline your meetings, reduce how long they take, become more efficient and even use Skype or tele-conferencing with clients to reduce travel time to other offices or businesses

29. Reduce that daily office clean to a weekly one, employees can empty their own trash cans!

30. Review all expenses regularly and buy in bulk wherever possible.

One way to save money is by outsourcing, in particular secretarial or admin roles. This is easily achieved by using a dictation service to get your ideas and business paperwork created quickly and easily without having a full-time admin employee. Streamline Dictation Services offer a dictation service and transcriptions services in Auckland, New Zealand. For further details about digital dictation services in NZ offered by Streamline Dictation Services visit their website www.streamlinedictation.com.

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Easy Ways Your Business can Have Bigger Money Savings


For most small and medium size businesses, cash flow occurs within very tight constrictions. Any money saved, without compromising service or product quality, goes a long way in enabling more robust business growth. This is because the saved money can be put into business growth strategies. You will also enjoy more profit by cutting expenses. Here are a few cost saving ideas you might find useful.

1. Outsource

Trying to do everything in-house can end up being quite expensive. Employing fulltime employees means that you not only cater for their salaries, but also other associated administrative costs. This is without even considering vacations, sick leaves and unexpected emergencies; all which cost your business time and money.

You can hire freelancers and other companies to handle some of your business activities. This is called outsourcing and can result in significant savings without affecting the work quality.

Some of the activities usually outsourced include accounting, human resources, marketing,transcription and translation.

The most important thing when outsourcing is to find a reputable company or freelancer with experience. Once you find a good company to outsource to, develop a long-term business relationship with them. The more work you outsource the deeper the discounts you stand to enjoy.


2. Go green

If you are still using incandescent lighting in your business premises, you are wasting a good opportunity to save money. Going green is not just good for the environment; it is also great for your bottom line.

For example, switching to energy saving LED lighting can drastically reduce your power bill. To further cut energy expenses, consider the energy saving of appliances you buy such as printers, refrigerators and computers.


3. Form a purchasing pool with other businesses

A great way to save money when purchasing applies is to join forces with your competitors. By buying in huge bulks, you can save much more than you would have had by buying just the few supplies you need for your business.

Find other businesses, ideally in your location, and agree on how you can pool your money to buy supplies in larger bulks.

4. Do extensive comparisons

Too often, business owners buy the first product or service they come across. This is especially the case in areas like insurance, car leasing and outsourcing. Whenever you need a specific service or product, carry out some research first. Check out what other businesses are charging for the same service. In some cases, you will be surprised at just how much you save by choosing a cheaper service provider. Of course, never compromise service quality for low prices. It will only hurt you in the long run.

5. Try online marketing

Advertising on TV, Billboards and newspaper is very expensive. Why don’t you focus on online marketing (Social media, blogging, email and so on) and see if it still brings in customers?

Outsourcing Your Transcription

Streamline Dictation Services is a transcription company that can help you save money. We handle all kinds of digital dictation services NZ in a wide range of industries. Visit our website at www.streamlinedictation.com to view our professional best transcription service and see how they can benefit your business.

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How Can Outsourcing Help Your Small Business Save Money


Using digital dictation services gives your business a fast, stress-free and cost effective solution to boost productivity as well as save time. Whether you’re operating in the academic, legal, medical or any other sector in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand, you can take advantage of professional transcription services to optimise your operations.

If you’re running a business in America or Europe, using a transcription services company based in Auckland like Streamline Dictation Services gives you an edge of being able to deliver completed projects overnight. This is because the business hours in New Zealand start when the working day in America and Europe comes to an end. Not yet convinced that you should outsource your transcription projects? Read on for the benefits that your company can derive from outsourcing transcription services.

Benefits of outsourcing transcription tasks

Save money

At a glance, choosing to outsource transcription jobs appears as if it’s adding overhead costs to your company or it’s decreasing your organization’s efficiency. However, that is not the case. Outsourcing transcription tasks to a professional transcription company saves money. A company that outsources its transcription needs can accrue huge savings compared to employing full-time staff.

In New Zealand and in the United States, secretaries earn over $35,000 annually. Also, consider that the employee is entitled to yearly leave as well as sickness leave. When you put all these factors into the equation, you’ll find out that outsourcing will save you at least 30% of your digital dictation expenses. A specialized professional transcription service provider gives you an opportunity to utilize proficient experts without paying as much as is needed to attain and sustain an internal staff.

Pay only for what you require, when you require

Your transcription needs do not remain constant. Rather, they fluctuate over time. Apart from healthcare providers, most other organizations do not require big transcription projects being done regularly. As such, there are volume peaks and lows for transcription needs during a calendar year. When transcription services are needed the most, it is hard for a company to manage the huge volumes of tasks internally without at least two devoted and specialist staffers with the skills and knowledge to accomplish the work.

Undoubtedly, keeping two or more devoted transcription specialists is a pretty expensive proposition for any business to manage when the volume of tasks has subsided as the staffers will be underutilized. As a business, you don’t want to pay for what you don’t utilize, do you? In most cases, transcription service is charged per line or per minute as opposed to per hour. This way, you’re literally not charged for what you don’t require.

Use professional and proficient transcribers

Arguably, transcription isn’t the easiest job. A transcriber ought to be a focused individual who is a keen listener and a person who is attentive to detail. If you leave your transcription tasks in the hands of inexperienced staff, you will most likely get a job with glaring inaccuracies and delayed delivery. On the other hand, transcription companies specialise on just transcription services. They heavily invest in training and equipping their staff teams to become experts in transcription.

By using professional best transcription services NZ, you get the opportunity to utilize some of the most skilful and knowledgeable transcribers who will deliver quality results. When you outsource your transcription project, you’re certain that your work is being done by an experienced person, and for a fraction of the expense you’d have to pay if you were to recruit an in-house transcriber.


If you’re to succeed in the medical sector and in the business world in general, you’ll need to have the capacity to manage and adapt to fast changing environments. Transcription companies provide organizations in fast paced sectors with the avenue to be flexible enough to remain at par with fast changing conditions.

A good example of a highly dynamic sector is the health sector. Provision of healthcare services goes hand in hand with dynamic challenges such as changing patient volume, varying turnaround times for varying specialties, the addition of new specialties, changing report formats, new ailments, new treatments, changing voice recognition programs and integration of EMR records among others. With all these challenges and many more in various sectors, a transcription service provider can give you handy flexibility to help reduce the pressure on your operations.

Improve productivity of your employees

When you outsource your transcription needs to a third party, you essentially free up your team to do what they’re good at and develop other skills that propel your organization to greater success. Irrefutably, finding, training as well as motivating staffs to handle transcription tasks is a challenge by itself.

Many staffs have skill-sets that can be put to better use by doing other kinds of work. By using the services of transcription providers, you will be able to use your teams more efficiently without making a huge investment. This not only reduces your costs, but it also boosts productivity.

Time zone difference

Businesses and individuals based in the United States and Europe have a strategic advantage when they use transcription services Auckland, New Zealand due to different time zones. Since a work day in New Zealand begins at the end of work hours in the rest of Europe and America, you can send transcription projects to a New Zealand based company like Streamline Dictation Services at the end of work hours and get the completed projects delivered next morning.

Streamline Dictation Services

Streamline Dictation Services offers a wide range of professional transcription services including medical transcription, legal transcription, business transcription, voicemail transcription, audiovisual transcription, media transcription and academic transcription services.

We are committed to continue providing our customers with complete digital dictation services. Whether you’re looking to outsource your transcription needs to meet abrupt demand or as a long-term cost-cutting strategy, you’re welcome to our transcription services Auckland. Do not overstretch your secretaries.

At Streamline Dictation Services, we can help you afford to be flexible even as you clear the digital dictation backlog. Please reach us and we will promptly get back to you. Our duty is provide a very specialised service at a convenient rate.

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