30 Easy Ways Your Business Can Save Money


There are hundreds of ways you can save money in your business in New Zealand. Admittedly not all businesses are the same, but there are methods to reducing costs that are applicable to all businesses. Whether it be employee costs, expenses, advertising or product costs for example there are areas of all business operation where it is possible to look at current expenditure and make savings wherever you are based in New Zealand.

Easy ways your business can save money:

1. Cut traditional advertising in favour of cheaper alternatives. Say goodbye to newspaper advertisements and leaflet drops and say hello to YouTube videos and Instagram!

2. Go Green e.g. buy recycled printer cartridges, choose a duplex printer rather than a single sheet printer to save paper, buy energy saving light bulbs, recycle old printed paper for notes

3. Order your business cards and logo stationery online, it’s usually cheaper than ordering from a print shop

4. Try software for free with trials before investing in the wrong software

5. Buy office furniture and equipment second-hand

6. Upgrade old computers rather than buying new

7. Lease cars, computers and photocopiers

8. Search out a great deal on mobile phones for employees

9. Take out a good insurance policy

10. Hire temporary staff for busy periods rather than paying full-time staff during quieter times

11. Outsource admin jobs rather than having a receptionist

12. Hire an admin assistant and send them dictated work for typing

13. Research the cheapest and most reliable courier and bulk posting options

14. Engage the services of a good accountant

15. Search out the best credit card deal to reduce fees and interest payments

16. Barter with other business, swap services and products to mutual benefit

17. Join a trade or business association to benefit from member discounts on insurance, golf courses, hotels, travel, car rental and more…

18. Seek at least three bids on everything, quote bids to competitors to get them to lower their offer

19. Get sponsors for events

20. Rent shared office space rather than a full-time office

21. Use ‘the cloud’ for storage rather than hardware

22. Do your accounting online to save time and money

23. Cut employee expenses such as free lunches rather than have to cut staff

24. Allow telecommuting, let some or all employees work from home and reduce your office costs

25. Hire smart, inexperienced employees rather than more expensive, experienced staff, give those recent and often enthusiastic graduates a chance

26. Negotiate a reduction in your lease for an extended period

27. Reduce some employees to a shorter work week, you may find this suits some of them

28. Streamline your meetings, reduce how long they take, become more efficient and even use Skype or tele-conferencing with clients to reduce travel time to other offices or businesses

29. Reduce that daily office clean to a weekly one, employees can empty their own trash cans!

30. Review all expenses regularly and buy in bulk wherever possible.

One way to save money is by outsourcing, in particular secretarial or admin roles. This is easily achieved by using a dictation service to get your ideas and business paperwork created quickly and easily without having a full-time admin employee. Streamline Dictation Services offer a dictation service and transcriptions services in Auckland, New Zealand. For further details about digital dictation services in NZ offered by Streamline Dictation Services visit their website www.streamlinedictation.com.

Contact our friendly team at Streamline Dictation Services to make a booking!

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